Early Voting

What You Need for Early Voting

Voters do not need to present a government-issued photo ID to vote. The voter's identity will be verified by Election Judges, using a signature match. This same process is used on Election Day.

Early voting was created to allow voters the opportunity to cast a ballot prior to Election Day without having to provide a reason or an excuse for wanting to vote early. Votes cast early are not counted until after the polls close on Election Day.

Early Voting for the 2023 Consolidated General Election starts Thursday, February 23rd at the Election Commission (4422 Brandywine Dr, Ste 1, Peoria) The Election Commission will also hold Early Voting opportunities at various satellite sites throughout Peoria County beginning Monday, March 20th. 

Click Here to View a List of Early Voting Locations

The Election Commission will also open its main Drop Box on February 23rd to accept Vote by Mail ballots from Peoria County Voters. The Drop Box will be available 24 hours per day and is camera-monitored. Additional information about the Election Commission's Vote by Mail ballot Drop Boxes can be found here.