Voting Assistance

Verity Touch Writer

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires that election authorities throughout the country have voting equipment in place for voters with disabilities to vote privately and independently.  Every polling place in the County of Peoria has at least one disabled access unit. 

Verity is user-friendly and provides an accessible device that enables all voters, including those with disabilities, to mark their ballots privately and independently. This accessible ballot marking device includes an audio ballot reader and accommodates adaptive devices such as a sip-and-puff. 

Voting Assistance

If you have difficulty making selections on the unit, you may request assistance from a friend, relative or 2 election judges (one from each party) in your precinct.

Under state law, both the voter and the individual(s) providing assistance must sign a legal affidavit at the polling place.

Handicapped Accessibility

All County of Peoria polling places are accessible to disabled voters, outfitted with ramps, level entrances and/or elevators.