About Us


  • James Manning, Chairman (R)
    Term expires: August 2024
  • Matt Bartolo, Vice-Chairman (D)
    Term expires: August 2024
  • Valerie Timms, Treasurer (D)
    Term expires: August 2025
  • Jeanne Williamson, Secretary (R)
    Term expires: August 2026
  • Ryan Brady, Commissioner (D)
    Term expires: August 2025

The Board appoints an Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director. The current Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director are:

  • Elizabeth Gannon, Executive Director
  • Jessily Joseph, Assistant Executive Director 


The Peoria County Board of Election Commissioners supervises elections and voter registration in the County of Peoria. The Board is composed of 5 members appointed by the Circuit Court. Each Commissioner is appointed to a three year term (not including initial appointments) and shall at the time of the appointment have been a resident of the State of Illinois for at least 2 years. No commissioner can hold any other political office.

The Commissioners' salary is $3,200 per year, if they accept a salary.