How are registered voters who have moved or died removed from the voter rolls?

Peoria County Election Commission staff work daily to ensure our voter rolls are accurate and up to date.   Notifications of potential transfers are received from the United States Postal Service, other election jurisdictions throughout the state of Illinois, and even from election jurisdictions from around the country. If information is received from one of these entities, the associated registration is made inactive. If a registration remains inactive for two federal general elections with no changes or attempts to vote, then that registration is cancelled. This process is required per the National Voter Registration Act, a Federal Law.

However, you, as the voter can be proactive in this process and help us speed it up.  To remove (i.e., cancel) a voter from our voter registration records (and forego the inactivation timeline), we must have a signed statement from the voter asking for the cancellation.  Please include full name, date of birth, Peoria County address, signature, and reason for cancellation request.   I know it may seem easier to call the office to inform us that you have moved but to ensure no malicious activity, we must have the request in writing from the voter.  

If a relative has passed away, a copy of the obituary or a copy of the death certificate is required to cancel that voter.

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